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Yetkili kişi :VEYSEL SIK

Adres :Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2. Kısım 21. Cad. No:1 Döşemealtı Antalya

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Satıcı :Evet
Isıtma ve soğutma üniteleri ve parçaları

İhracat :Evet

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Üretim :Evet
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Firma hakkında :Cantek Refrigeration is a true technology and engineering company with the largest indoor factory space in Turkey, having reached over 10 thousand clients worldwide over 20 years. By focusing on “intelligent refrigeration systems” within the worldwide cold storage systems sector, and undertaking research into cooling systems according to their customers’ needs they produce efficient refrigeration chambers which can be monitored.

CANTEK was founded in 1991 by Mechanical Engineer Can Hakan Karaca and the factory was moved to “Antalya Organize Sanayi” (Antalya Business Park) in 1999. Cantek continues business in the 22,000 square metres of indoor factory space, acquired in 2006 and the centre for Research and Development.

Cantek meets the needs for cold storage solutions in different sectors. The company which produces cooling appliances for cold storage facilities, cold storage cabins, doors and shelves provides a professional service with its service network and experienced team. Cantek which has been in partnership with sectors needing cold storage solutions and providers of such solutions, designs its own products with its own professional team. Alongside qualified and trained engineers who are all specialised in their own expertise and a technical team the company uses all the latest technology for their production. By focusing highly on durability, functionality and aesthetics they produce above world standards and hence provide their customers with reliable and safe products.

Cantek which incorporates a wide product portfolio builds cooling solutions for touristic facilities such as hotels and holiday villages; meat, fish and poultry processing and storage facilities; milk and dairy produce processing and storage facilities; apple, orange and other fruit and vegetable storage facilities.

The demand for cold storage rooms for industrial purposes is growing and CANTEK Refrigeration serves almost 30% of this market. Today, Cantek is one of the major players amongst companies producing cold storage rooms in Turkey, the Middle East, and the Balkans. It has also started to reach other Turkic States. Cantek believes to have maintained its brands’ vision by building 20 cooling room appliances for the British Royal Family at Buckingham Palace’s kitchens through its British partnership.

The company’s production, sales and after sales services departments are TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and ISO 9001 accredited and the company’s statement regarding its production is to keep customer satisfaction at its highest level by faultless production.

CANTEK Refrigeration which has developed example R & D activities and created a new slogan called “Use your energy wisely” for its 20-year anniversary continues to raise awareness to save energy.

It made its new slogan “Use your energy wisely” public by signing a sponsorship agreement with Nasuh Mahruki.

For the last 15 years Cantek is also the main sponsor of the Chamber of Technical Engineers in Antalya and the Antalya Sailing Club.

Cantek which assigns a certain amount of its assets to introduce and promote these values locally as well as internationally, to protect and encourage Turkish sportsmen, and to be a role model for other companies, sponsored Nasuh Mahruki’s 2010 Mount Everest Expedition. This was done to promote their slogan “Use your energy wisely” since Nasuh Mahruki is the mountaineer who uses his energy most efficiently in the whole world. This was an international expedition and climbing on to the highest peak in the world makes an international statement. Such a statement verifies Cantek’s statement; this expedition is a way of expressing the company’s values. The important concept here is the attempt of reaching the peak. You may not reach the peak but it is very important to try it. Cantek is trying to indicate that it is on this route and tries to be a good role model.


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